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Arun Security... the key to your home & business security needs.

You have just moved into your new home and everything seems wonderful, however, have you ever wondered who else may have a key?

In today's world where crime seems to be becoming ever more common place and brazen, should we really leave anything to chance?

Arun Security centre are an experienced and long established business and over the years we have advocated that a new home owner should make the changing of all locks one of the first tasks they undertake.

The cost of changing locks is extremely reasonable, especially when you consider the alternative, which cannot only be expensive, but it will also be very traumatic for all the family.

At Arun Security Centre we have a wide range of other products and services on offer, such as, a full range or ironmongery, keys cut to pattern, and where locks are concerned, not only do we offer a full fitting service, but we also offer a repair service as well.

If you would like somewhere secure to keep your valuables, we will supply and fit the appropriate safe for your needs.

Our expert team have a wealth of knowledge and experience as locksmiths to satisfy all of your requirements, so please do not take chances and get your locks replaced on your new home as soon as you move in.

Peace of mind is much better than taking a risk. We are available 24hrs. If you need any further advice, please call 01903-734488.

We thank you for visiting our website.

Paul Rambridge

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